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Aberdour Castle

August 14, 1997
Aberdour, Fife
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Aberdour Castle

Aberdour Castle:The tower

Aberdour has undergone several changes over the centuries. The original tower house was built in the 12th century, with the central range added in the 16th century and finally the gallery and stable added in 18th century. The stable was very large and probably housed six horses.

The tower house collapsed in ruins in 1844. In 1791 the east range had been abandoned, there was no one left to care for it. Many of the stones had been plundered to build surrounding farms.

Aberdour was originally owned by the de Mortimer family in the 12th century. It passed to the Douglases in 1342. The Earl of Morton took up residence in 1456 and the Earls stayed in residence until 1790. Thereafter the buildings had been used for several different purposes; schoolhouse, troop housing, masonic hall. In 1924 it was turned over to state care and declared an ancient monument.

Aberdour Castle:Ceiling An inventory of household contents showed this was a very prosperous estate in 1647 but by 1675, the estate was on the decline. The rooms listed are:

The dining room, My lords chamber, the gallery, the gallery chamber, Mr. Wm. Douglas chamber, Ard. Douglas chamber, the cabinet, the tower chamber, the tower head, the chancellor's chamber, the pantry, the meat hall, the yett chamber, the porter lodge, the stable and chamber loft, Wm. Ros' chamber, the inner woman house, the outer woman house, the girnal house, the old meat hall, the brew house, the bake house.