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Aberdour Castle

August 14, 1997
Aberdour, Fife
Map Ref: NT 193 854
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Aberdour Castle:View of the approach Aberdour Castle:Main living area Aberdour Castle:Tower
As you walk up to Aberdour Castle. In the back, you can see where the tower house has fallen to the ground. This was also the oldest part of the castle The castle again The fallen tower house from inside the courtyard.
Aberdour Castle:Dovecote Aberdour Castle:Central range Aberdour Castle:Servants courtyard
The dovecote out in the terraced gardens. It had room for 600 nesting boxes and was built in the late 16th century. The central range, built in 1550 to expand the living quarters of the tower house. Servants courtyard, included the bake house and brewery
Aberdour Castle:Courtyard and well Aberdour Castle:Gallery hall Aberdour Castle:Kitchen fireplace
Courtyard with the castle well. Inside the gallery hall, the newest part of the castle 17th century. The new kitchen fireplace, with a bake oven in the back.
Aberdour Castle:Fallen wall Aberdour Castle:Bread trough Aberdour Castle:Courtyard view of the central ranges
Part of the tower wall that has fallen. Old bread trough, where they mixed the dough for baking. Looking from the service courtyard at the central range.
Aberdour Castle:Inside the tower Aberdour Castle:Mantle Piece
Inside the tower remains. Mantle piece that has servived.
The following are pictures of the ceiling found in the original keepers quarters. The ceiling had been plastered over to create a warm set of rooms for the caretaker. When he left, the rooms were being prepared to show the public and they found the original paintings.
Aberdour Castle:Ceiling view #1 Aberdour Castle:Ceiling view #2 Aberdour Castle:Ceiling view #3 Aberdour Castle:Ceiling view #4