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Aberlemno Sculptured Stones

Near Brechin, Angus
Map Reference: NO 523 559

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Photo Copyright ©1999 S.Wiggins

Lovely Celtic cross in the Aberlemno Churchyard. The front side is carved with the celtic symbols seen here and Pictish symbols on the back. It is believed to have been carved in the 8th or 9th century.

Farther down the road are three additional carved stones with stone walls built around them to separate them from the adjacent fields. There is also a fourth stone that was discovered while a farmer was plowing his field. This stone resides in the Dundee Museum.

The waterhorses from the lower right hand corner.
Aberlemno Stone:Waterhorse detail
Photo Copyright ©1998 Sally J.Smith

One of the stones along the side of the road is this Class II. Front side is the celtic cross and the back side has two of the standard symbols along with a hunting scene.

Aberlemno:Class II stone
Photo Copyright ©1998 Sally J.Smith
Aberlemno:Class II Celtic cross
Photo Copyright ©1998 Sally J.Smith

This stone is very beautiful, stands about 5 feet high (doesn't include the angle). There are cup and ring marks on the back side, but no celtic cross. It was probably carved before Christianity came to the Isles.

Aberlemno:Class I stone
Photo Copyright ©1998 Sally J.Smith