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Achnabreck Cup and Rings

July 22, 1999
Near Lochgilphead, Argyll
Map Ref: NR 855 906

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[Argyll Region]
Achnabreck : Upper

Achnabreck : from Lower

These carvings are divided into three groups, according to location: upper, middle and lower. The middle group has one of the largest cup and ring marks, it measures about 1 meter in diameter. This mark has seven rings about it's cup.

The photo at the right shows an unusual mark. There were several of these on the upper and middle stones. The lower set did not have as many and was located further from the upper and middle stones.

These slabs of rock are immense. I could not obtain photos that relayed the size and detail of the carvings on them. For that, I apologise.

Achnabreck : Middle