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Ardchattan Priory

July 17, 1999
Near Oban, Argyll
Map Ref: NM 971 349
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Ardchattan Priory Ardchattan Priory

Archattan Priory was founded in 1230 by Duncan McDougall for the Valliscaulian order of monks. This order practiced a harsh form of the Carthusian rules. It was an ascetic lifestyle and the houses were limited to 20 monks. They made their livelyhood from relics and tithes from endowments. The order had houses in Germany, France and Scotland. Pluscarden Priory was established by King Alexander II while Beauly and Ardchattan were founded by laymen.

The middle 1400's showed that the priory was remodeled with some expansion in the refectory and choir. In 1510, Prior Duncan MacArthur revived the religious ceremonies for the community. It is believed that it was used for services until 1730. 1545 saw the end of monastic life in this priory and it was administered by John Campbell. He used the buildings as a private dwelling. In 1602 the endowments were taken from the priory, so the buildings was passed down through Campbells' heirs.

These ruins are maintained by Historic Scotland and inside are some beautiful examples of carved stones. It is still a residence with the ruins available for visiting. There are also some lovely gardens around the priory.