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Ardchattan Priory Grave Covers

July 17, 1999
Near Oban, Argyll
Map Ref: NM 971 349

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Ardchattan Priory: Celtic Cross

There were several grave slabs being protected from the weather under a canopy by the Ardchattan Aisle. The one to the left was the earliest carved stone in the collection. It had originally been carved as an upright cross in the 10th century, but had been cut down at a later date to serve as a grave cover. Most of others were carved in the 15th and 16th centuries. Their style was very different from the oldest. They tended to display occupations or crests.

We noticed that many of the grave covers had boats that appeared to be viking boats on them. The skulls and crossbones were a reminder of man's mortality. Hourglasses were prevalent and a symbol of limited time on earth. Roses were usually included but we are unsure of the symbolism associated with them.

Ardchattan Priory: Gravecover with hourglass  Ardchattan Priory: gravecover with viking boat