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Balquhain Circle

August 12, 1997
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[Grampians Region]

This circle has not been maintained. Several of the stones have fallen over or been removed. We found one stone being used as part of a gate. There might have been a cairn in the center. If there was, it has long since been used as building material.

Balquhain Circle : Recumbant circle
Recumbant Stone circle in the middle of a farmers field
Balquhain Circle : Cup and ring marks
Evidence of cup and ring marks on western stone. This stone is about 4 foot tall.
Balquhain Circle : Tallest menhir
The southern stone was the tallest. It stood outside the circle and was about 10 feet tall.
Balquhain Circle : Tallest menhir and recumbant
This is the same stone shown aligned with the circle and the recumbant stone to the left.