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Balvenie Castle

August 10, 1997
Near Dufftown, Moray
Map Reference: NJ 326 409

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Balvenie Castle : Kitchen range Balvenie Castle : Atholl lodging Balvenie Castle : Latrine closet
Looking along the kitchen range. A room in the newest part of the castle (Atholl Lodging). Latrine closet. Shaped in a T with chambers at both ends.
Balvenie Castle : Residential housing Balvenie Castle : Main entrance to courtyard Balvenie Castle : Guest Apartment
Along the curtain wall towards the west range. Residential housing with a hall and chamber over the storage cellars. Entrance to the main building. The opening is a door whose height is about 6 feet Guest apartment on the third floor of the Atholl Lodging. The south curtain wall had been remodelled in the 17th century to provide lodging for the current residents.
Balvenie Castle : Cellar Balvenie Castle : East tower Balvenie Castle : East Range
Cellar, with exit into a hallway leading to great hall East tower, part of the new lodging. East Range,with the old 13th century cellars and hall
Balvenie Castle : Stone sink Balvenie Castle : Old kitchen Balvenie Castle : Outsied wall tower
Stone sink in the kitchen. Inside the old kitchen. Should be two floors, with stairway leading out to the right. Outside wall tower
Balvenie Castle : Moat Balvenie Castle : Flanking the castle
Inside the moat The castle from the other side of the moat.
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