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Bernera Barracks

July 13, 1999
Bernera, Highlands
Map Ref: NG 815 197

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Bernera Barracks: Rear view

The first Jacobite uprising in 1689 caused great alarm to William of Orange and the Hanoverian government. The government dispersed several people to survey Scotland for strategic military defense.

Four barrack locations were identified, Ruthven, Inversnaid, Kiliwhimen and Bernera. Bernera was built to house a garrison of about 200 soldiers, control the crossing from Skye and keep the Jacobites from revolting.

They were not entirely successful. The battle of Glenshiel took place in 1719 before the barracks could be built. Work was started in May of 1720 and took 5 years to finish.

Bernera Barracks: Side view
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