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Bothwell Castle

August 4, 1997
Map Reference: NS 688594

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[Clyde Region]
Bothwell Castle : Front approach

Bothwell Castle is located southeast of Glasgow. It was orignally built in 1242 by Walter of Moray. The River Clyde runs along the north side of the castle. The original design of the castle was never finished.

In the early 1300's the castle changed hands between the Scots and the English a few times. The tower (Donjon) was pulled down each time to render the castle undefendable.

Rebuilding began in the middle 1300's by the Earl of Douglas. The southeast tower, great hall and chapel were added in the early 1400's.

The northeast tower was dismantled to provide building material for the manor house that was meant to replace the castle in 1700.

The castle was given into state care in 1935 and is managed by Historic Scotland

Bothwell Castle : Front wall
View along the northern wall
Bothwell Castle : Northeast tower
view of the eastern wall with demolished northeast tower.
Bothwell Castle : Floor Plan