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Brodick Castle

July 19, 1999
Brodick, Isle of Arran
Map Ref: NS 016 378

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[Ayrshire Region]

This stronghold has seen many changes of hands. The original structure was built in 1220-1240 by the Stewarts. It was held in 1263 by the MacDonalds in support of the King of Norway. The Stewarts regained control and retained it even when Robert the Bruce attacked in 1307. In 1406, the English fleet came in and destroyed Brodick.

The Isle of Arran was granted to Lord Hamilton in 1470. He became Earl of Arran in 1503 and rebuilt Brodick as a tower house. However in 1528, the Sheriff of Butte sent his sons to demolish Brodick as part of ongoing feud with the Hamiltons. Again in 1544, Brodick was destroyed in support of Henry VIII against the Regent, Earl of Arran.

Once again Brodick Castle was rebuilt by 1545, where the Earl of Arran became Duke of Chatelherault (French title). The Campbells gained control of Brodick in 1639 but lost it in 1644 in the support of the Convenant army. 1646 saw the Campbells take controll again but the Hamiltons won it back in 1651. Cromwells forces occupied the castle and added a battery to the structure to cover approaching forces.

In 1844, major reconstruction occurred to add a kitchen wing, double the length of the original tower and incorporate new entrances to the castle. It was used as a hunting lodge and residence until 1957. The last Hamilton died in 1957 and the castle was turned over to the crown in lieu of death taxes. National Trust of Scotland cares for the building now.