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Castle Campbell

August 15, 1997
Near Dollar, Clackmannanshire
Map Reference: NS 962994
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[Argyll Region]
Castle Campbell Looking south across the Burn of Care at Castle Campbell.

The tower house was built in the late fifteenth century and was called Castle Gloom until 1489 when it was renamed Castle Campbell.

Looking down from the tower onto the Hall Range and beyond into the garden.

The Hall Range was constructed c.1500 and would have originally provided additional lodging and public reception.

Castle Campbell : View from the top
Castle Campbell : Down into the hall Another view down at the Hall Range and part of the Courtyard.

The narrow hallway in the lower center provided access to the five vaulted cellars beneath the great hall.

Inside the Hall Range looking east.

The castle was burned in 1654 and its use as a residence ended. In 1948 in was given into the care of Historic Scotland.

Castle Campbell : Hall range
Castle Campbell : Tower house Looking up at the Tower House from the Hall Range.

The stair tower jutting out towards the viewer joins the tower and East Range.