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Carn Liath

July 15, 1999
Near Golspie, Highland
Map Ref: NC 870 013
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[Highland Region]
Carn Liath: Towards the ocean
Looking out towards the ocean
Carn Liath: with light
The broch with a little light on it
Carn Liath: towards land
Looking from the ocean towards land
Carn Liath: outside wall
Looking along one wall of the broch
Carn Liath
Another side view
Carn Liath: Inside looking out
Inside the broch looking towards the entrance
Carn Liath:From top
View from the top rim of the broch.
Carn Liath: Stair entrance
Entrance to the stairwell.
Carn Liath: Entry way
More of the entryway