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Carrick Castle

July 20, 1999
Near Lochgoilhead, Argyll
Map Ref: NS 194 944
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[Argyll Region]

It is suspected that this is the second structure to occupy this location. The first may have been a hunting lodge for the kings of Scots. The Lamonts originally owned this land but in 1368 it passed to the Campbell Earls of Argyll.

This keep was constructed in the 1400's and Mary, Queen of Scots visited here in 1563.The keep was pillaged and burned in 1685 during Argyll's rebellion. The property was passed to the Earls of Dunmore. Don't know who owns it now, but the structure is being restored.

A postcard by Raphael Tuck & son postmarked 1916 was provided by R.Nightingale. It shows several buildings along edge of the walkway.

Carrick Castle - postcard