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Cawdor Castle

July 12, 1999
Near Nairn, Invernesshire
Map Ref: NH 847 499
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[Highland Region]
Cawdor Castle: Entrance

This fourteenth century castle started out as a tower. The parapets, upper story and massive iron yett was added in 1454-1455. The ranges were added in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The first Thane of Cawdor was appointed in 1236 by Alexander II. The third Thane was murdered by Sir Alexander Rait from the nearby Rait Castle.

Clan Campbell obtained control of the fortification by capturing the 12 year old heiress in 1511 and marrying her to the Earl of Argyll's son. The Campbells kept the castle and gave refuge to Lord Lovet during the Jacobite Rising in 1746.

Apparently there are two ghosts inhabiting this estate. One is a ghost in blue velvet and the other is John Campbell, 1st Lord of Cawdor.

Cawdor Castle: Side view