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Cawdor Castle

July 12, 1999
Near Nairn, Invernesshire
Map Ref: NH 847 499
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[Highland Region]
Cawdor Castle: The approach
Front side of the Castle with most of the ranges in view
Cawdor Castle: Gardens
© 1999 V.Garner

Part of the extensive gardens
Cawdor Castle: Back side from the gardens
The gardens and back side of Cawdor.
Cawdor Castle: Gardeners area
The gardeners area for tools.
Cawdor Castle: Brook at base of castle
A small brook running along the base of the castle.
Cawdor Castle: Small aquaduct
The brook has a small aquaduct along it. Probably used to supply water to the gardeners cottage
Cawdor Castle: Back side
© 1999 V.Garner

The wall along the stream
Cawdor Castle: Part of maze
© 1999 V.Garner
View along the side of the maze. Very pretty area leading into the beginning of a maze constructed from tall hedges