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Coxton Tower

July 14, 1999
Near Elgin, Moray
Map Ref: NJ 262 607
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[Grampians Region]
Coxton Tower: Full view Coxton Tower: the yett

Coxton Tower is dated 1644. The tower originally belonged to the Innes family then was sold to the Duff Earl of Fife. The Earl built a house nearby and left the tower empty.

The tower has four levels: the ground floor is the cellar, the first floor is the entry, while the last two floors served as private chambers. The top floor had two closets at opposite corners of the room (the circular bartizans) and a square bartizan on the third corner. Each of the bartizans had shot holes for defense and the square one had machiolation.

Coxton Tower: Entry

All the floors had a square hatch in the center to create a sort of dumbwaiter between floors. The hatches were covered over in later years. The cellar had an outside door installed around 1840 and the entrance stairway was upgraded to stone.

Coxton Tower: second floor
Top right - original iron yett
Bottom left - stone staircase
Bottom right - third floor room