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Craignethan Castle

By Crossford, Lanarkshire
Map Reference: NS 816 464
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(c. 1525 to c. 1665)
Craignethan Castle Craignethan Castle : Heraldic symbol
Looking East across the outer courtyard towards the tower house. Nearest the viewer is the house of the Covenanter, Andrew Hay, which was built after he purchased Craignethan in 1659. A fanciful representation of a New World antelope adorns the entrance to the house.
Craignethan Castle : Caponier Craignethan Castle : Tower house
The Caponier. A most unique fortification, the caponier enabled defenders to fire upon attackers in the ditch whilst protected from enemy fire. The Craignethan caponier is the only surviving example of its type in Britain. The west face of the tower house. The south wall is also visible and looking down it to the east is the "kitchen" tower.