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Craignish Castle Area

August 6, 1997
Near Ardfern, Argyll
Map Ref: NM 773 016
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[Argyll Region]
Craignish : Celtic cross In the Argyll and Bute region, we went looking for the Craignish Castle. First we found a small kirk near Barravullin. It had this celtic cross at the entrance. Thought it looked nice!
Then we found the Castle. The castle had been modernized to provide apartment space. So no access was granted, even the road was private. That being the case, this is as close as we could come to seeing it. Craignish Castle
Craignish Churchyard After the castle there were some sculptured stones in a graveyard and kirk area. Some of them are very well preserved. The graveyard is located along the B8002, a very long single lane road.