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Culsh Earth House

August 13, 1997
Near Tarland, Aberdeenshire
Map Ref: NJ 504 054
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[Grampian Region]

There are several distinct types of earth houses. This is one of the more primitive ones. By the way, earth houses were really cellars used to store food stuffs for a community.

This one is a long tunnel and is an estimated 2000 years old. The entrance was very obscured and we passed it three times before locating it. The entrance is about 36" in height and 36" in width, but as it rounds the corner, the height becomes more like 5' while the width became 6' at the back.

The first picture is the entrance to the earth house and the second is a view from the back of the earth house towards the bend. The roof was all made of these huge slabs of stone laid across the supporting walls.

Culsh Earth House : Entrance Culsh Earth House : Inside plan