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Doune Castle

August 16, 1997
Doune, Stirling
Map Reference: NN 728 011
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Doune Castle was built around the end of the 14th century by Robert Stewart, the first duke of Albany. Situated approximately 8 miles NW of Stirling, Doune occupied a strategic location on the edge of the lowland and highland areas of Scotland.

Siezed by James I in 1425, Doune became a royal castle and over the next century was used as a retreat by kings James I, II, III and IV. It was also used as a dower house for three different queens of Scots, Mary in June of 1449; Margaret of Denmark in July of 1469 and Margaret Tudor in 1503.

In 1527 the stewardship of Doune was given to Sir James Stewart. His son James was created a lord of Parliament in 1570 with the title of Lord Doune. He was succeded by his eldest son, also called James Stewart, who became the second Lord Doune. He married Lady Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of the first Earl of Moray and became the second Earl of Moray. Doune has been under control of the Earls of Moray ever since.

In the Jacobite uprising of 1745, Doune was seized by the rebels under Bonnie Prince Charlie.

The fourteenth earl began restoration of the castle in 1883. Further repairs were done in the 1970s. In 1984 the twentieth earl placed the castle in care of the state.

Monty Python fans may recognize Doune as having a prominent role in the movie, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".