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Duart Castle

July 21, 1999
Near Craignure, Mull
Map Ref: NM 749 354
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[Argyll Region]
Duart Castle : From the water Strong box

Above: A strong box

Duart Castle : from below

Duart Castle is constructed of a 13th century curtain wall around a courtyard. The keep is 14th century and was built outside the wall to protect the well. There are ranges on two sides that were built in the 16th century. One of the ranges is still lived in today.

After the Jacobite rebellion, the castle was abandoned in 1745. The roof was removed and no longer used as a residence. Duart was acquired in 1911 and restored. The clan chiefs of MacLean have maintained a beautiful exhibit in the keep.

There are a few stories associated with this castle and it's inhabitants. Here are a couple which might seem familiar:

During an internal clan feud, Ewen MacLaine of Lochbuie was killed in battle and beheaded. His ghost now rides in Glen Mor as the Headless Horseman.

One clan chief, Lachlan Cattanach, was very unhappy with his Campbell wife. He chained her to a rock in the Firth of Lorn, which was under water during high tide, hoping to drown her. She was rescued and returned to her father, the Earl of Argyll. This caused MacLean to be slain in his bed in Edinburgh. The rock is known as The Lady's Rock.

Duart Castle
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