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Duffus Castle

July 14, 1999
Near Duffus, Moray
Map Ref: NJ 189 672
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This castle was built in the style of motte and bailey in 1140 by Freskin, Lord of Strathbrock. It had an extensive outer baily with a wet moat, and a walled inner bailey. Originally built of timber, it was destroyed by the Scots in 1297. In 1286, the lands and castle passed to the Cheynes family through the marriage of Helen and Regenald. The castle was passed again through marriage to the Sutherlands in 1350. It was during this time that the tower was probably rebuilt and repaired with stone on the motte.

The Sutherlands held the land and castle from 1350 to 1843. During that time it was razed in 1452 by the Douglas Earl of Moray and again in 1645 by Royalists. It was then abandoned for the newer Duffus House built nearby. Duffus was sold in 1705 to Sir Archibald Dunbar and Charles II created the title Lord Duffus which became extinct in the 1800's.

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