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Duffus Castle

July 14, 1999
Near Duffus, Moray
Map Ref: NJ 189 672
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Duffus Castle: Motte and Bailey Duffus Castle: South and West walls Duffus Castle: North wall
View of the castle from the road Back side of the keep, South and West walls Can see the motte and the Northern wall, which has fallen
Duffus Castle: Keep and the Motte Duffus Castle: Southern Defensive wall Duffus Castle: Defensive wall
West wall of keep with the sliding Northern wall South wall of keep with part of the defensive outer wall of bailey Looking along defensive outer wall from the South wall
Duffus Castle: Main approach Duffus Castle: Road approach Duffus Castle: The keep
Original approach to the keep. Same approach with more of the motte visible The keep with the remains of the great hall and kithen to the right
Duffus Castle: Inside keep East wall Duffus Castle: South wall Duffus Castle: West wall
Combined photos of the East wall inside the keep South wall inside the keep West wall inside keep
Duffus Castle: North wall
The North keep wall which had slid down the motte and rests at an angle
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