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Dunadd Hill Fort

August 6, 1997
Near Drimvore, Argyll
Map Ref: NR 836 935
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Dunadd Hill Fort: The valley Dunadd Hill Fort: Water well

This is one of the most important hill forts in the Kilmartin Glen. Dunadd was the capital of the Scottish kingdom of Dalriada in 500AD. It had a commanding view of the surrounding area. The fort was situated on top of a high outcrop of rock with a complete 360 degree view. Above you can see the remains of a rock wall and the water well.

Below is the carving of a footprint used in ceremonies. It is believed to have been used for kingship rites. On the right is a carving of a boar (very hard to see so the picture is enhanced). There were ogham markings at the side that were too faint to photograph.

Dunadd Hill Fort: Footprint Dunadd Hill Fort: Pictish Boar