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Dunbeath Castle

July 15, 1999
Dunbeath, Sutherland & Caithness
Map Ref: ND 158 282
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This is a private castle and still inhabited. We were not able to get in to see it. You cannot see it from the road. The photo on the right was donated by R. Richmond

Dunbeath is a 17th century tower house with four floors and several additions. The castle has been remodeled many times and has a more modern appearance. The last two remodels occurred in the 1850's and 1881.

The land was held by the Crichtons (Earl of Caithness) in 1452. The Innes family inherited the land between 1507 and 1529. The Sinclairs of Geanies acquired the property and in 1620 built the tower house. After a siege, the Marquis of Montrose held the castle for a short period then it was retaken by the Sinclairs.

Dunbeath Castle
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