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Dunchraigaig Cairn

August 6, 1997
Near Slockavullin, Argyll
Map Ref: NR 833 968
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[Argyll Region]

This is a passage cairn from the Bronze Age (about 2000 BC). It has been excavated to reveal three burial cists. The cairn was used for cremation and burials. The cists contained bodies that had been cremated and not cremated, food containers, a stone axe and a flint knife. There were standing stones around the cairn, but most had fallen over.

Duncraigaig Cairn: Passage cairn
Duncraigaig Cairn: West passage Duncraigaig Cairn: Burial cist
Entrance on the west side of the Cairn Burial cist on the south side of the Cairn. This cist had a large capstone.