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Dunollie Castle

August 7, 1997 & July 21, 1999
Oban, Argyll
Map Reference: NM 852 314
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Dunollie Castle: From the Bay

This castle was built on a in the 12th century, probably by Ewan MacDougall, 3rd chief of the MacDougalls. The MacDougalls who occupied this castle were descended from King Somerled. The site was originally used in the 7th century, as Dun Ollaigh, and abandoned in 1746.

From the bay, you can barely see the castle.
Bottom left: This structure is all that is left of the curtain wall. The view of the bay is stunning. The castle is located on the north side of Oban on a large hill with a partially hidden path up to the site.

Bottom right: The tower. The exterior was very overgrown with vegetation, while the inside has been kept clean.
Dunollie Castle : View of the Bay
Dunollie Castle : The tower