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Dunoon Castle

July 20, 1999
Dunoon, Argyll
Map Ref: NS 175 764

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[Argyll Region]

The castle existed in the 1100's and was an important stronghold. It has a grizzly past, but not much remains to be seen and is now a public park.

The English captured the castle in 1334 only to surrender it back to the Scots. The town surrounding the castle was burnt in 1544 while the structure stayed.

1646 was the year the Campbells massacred the Lamonts. The Campbells burned Toward Castle and Asgog Castle, while capturing hundreds of prisoners. They held some of the prisoners in Dunoon and at least 36 were hanged on a single tree.

Dunoon was abandoned in the 1650's and the stones were quarried to build Castle House in 1820 along with various other buildings.