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Dunstaffnage Castle

August 7, 1997
Near Oban, Argyll
Map Reference: NM 882 344
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Dunstaffnage Castle : Across the loch

Dunstaffnage was build in a strategic spot on the Firth of Lorn. It was built upon an immense rock and the shape of the wall was altered to accommodate the odd shape.

The castle was built by Duncan or Ewen MacDougal around 1275 (Lords of Lorn). In 1309 it was captured by Robert Bruce. The castle was then turned over to the Campbells in 1470.

A chapel was constructed outside of the castle walls by the Lords of Lorn. There is a burial aisle of Dunstaffnage Campbells.

The Campbells added this gate entrance along with the gate tower inside for additional protection.

Dunstaffnage Castle : Entrance
Dunstaffnage Castle : Prison tower

This is a view of the prison tower from the outside. Flora MacDonald was held prisoner here after she helped Prince Charlie to escape dressed as her maid.

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