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Dun Telve

July 13, 1999
Near Glenelg, Highlands
Map Ref: NG 829 172
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Dun Telve: Entrance

The construction date for Dun Telve is not known. The broch was excavated in 1914 and a pottery shard was found that is believed to be a piece of a Roman jar from the 2nd century (AD). Other finds included stone cups and dishes along with some rotary querns.

This broch would have stood over 10 meters in height. The ground floor was probably used for stabling livestock. Stout wooden posts held up the first floor where the communal area was surrounded by smaller chambers for sleeping. It is supposed that the compartments in the stone wall structure were used for storage.

There were three brochs along the same river of Abhainn a Ghlinne Bhig; Dun Telve, Dun Troddan and Dun Grugaig. We only visitied Dun Telve and Dun Troddan unaware of the third Dun Grugaig.

Dun Telve: Inside wall