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Dun Sgathaich Castle

July 13, 1999
Near Armadale, Skye
Map Ref: NG 595 121
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Dun Sgathaich: From a distance
The fort from a distance away. It's a little hard to see
Dun Sgathaich: Closer
Approaching from one side
Dun Sgathaich: Closer
Can see the bridge that has to be crossed to enter the fort
Dun Sgathaich: Later in the day
The dun later in the day
Dun Sgathaich: Southeast corner
View of the bridge and Northeast corner.
Dun Sgathaich: Southeast corner
Southeast corner of the defensive wall
Dun Sgathaich: Northeast corner
Northeast corner of defensive wall
Dun Sgathaich: Looking along the coast
Along the coastline
Dun Sgathaich: Bridge view
Looking across the bridge
Dun Sgathaich: May have been the old road
Steps leading into the fort after the bridge
Dun Sgathaich: The bridge
Looking back at the bridge. Planks would have been placed across the opening or a drawbridge put in place there.
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