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Eilean Donan Castle

August 8, 1997
Near Dornie, Highlands
Map Reference: NG 881 259

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[Highland Region]
Eilean Donan
At night (around 10:00 PM)
Eilean Donan : Barracks Eilean Donan : Entrance from loch Eilean Donan : Outside tower
Barracks and living quarters Courtyard entrance from the loch bridge View of the tower from Loch Duich side
Eilean Donan : Loch Alsh Eilean Donan : Tower from Loch Long Eilean Donan : Latrine chutes
Looking out onto Loch Alsh Tower from Loch Long side Latrine chutes on Loch Alsh side.
Eilean Donan : Tower Eilean Donan : From a distance
Tower The castle from one direction on the road
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