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Elcho Castle

August 13, 1997
Near Perth, Perthshire
Map Reference: NO 165 211

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[Perthshire Region]
Elcho Castle : Great hall Elcho Castle : Private chambers Elcho Castle : Two floors of tower
One of the tables in half of the great hall. The fireplace is on the left and unseen is the large window for lighting. Looking into what was the private chambers. The beams seen here and in the next picture are original. Two floors with the beams intact between them.
Elcho Castle : Down the tower Elcho Castle : Doorway to roof Elcho Castle : More roofs
From the top floor, looking down the tower One of the doorways that led out onto the roof walkways. Looking along one side from the walkway.
Elcho Castle : Tower walk Elcho Castle : Tower walk Elcho Castle : Rooftop
You can almost see the countryside. From the other direction, countryside.