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Esslemont Castle

August 12, 1997
Near Ellon, Aberdeenshire
Map Reference: NJ 932 298

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[Grampian Region]

We were driving down a road to find the Culsh Earth house when we passed this ruin. There was a placard on it declaring it the Esslemont Castle.

Esslemont was passed by marriage from the family of Mareschal to the Cheynes of Straloch in the 14th century. The castle was then destroyed as the result of a feud between the Cheynes and the Hays. Later the hall was rebuilt but lost to the Earls of Errol during the reformation. It was sold in 1728 to Robert Gordon who abandoned it in favor of a new structure in 1769.

This is the back view. There were wild raspberry bushes around the back. They covered up some of the curtain wall remains.

Esslemont Castle : One side Esslemont Castle : Back of ruins
This is the tower attached to the castle and to the far left is the entrance.
Esslemont Castle : Through the entrance Esslemont Castle : Tower