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Fort George

July 12, 1999
Ardersier, Invernesshire
Map Ref: NH 763 566

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[Highland Region]
Fort George: Visitor
View of the entrance to the Fort, visitor center on the left, entrance bridge on the right
Fort George: Draw bridge over one moat
A draw bridge over the moat into the parade grounds

Fort George was built by the English to reinforce their hold on Scotland. It was designed by William Skinner to house the governor, officers, an artillery detachment and 1600 infantrymen. The fort was completed in 1769 after all the Jacobite uprisings. In 1881, the fort became the exclusive home for the Seaforth Highlanders. The entire structure has survived intact and is very impressive.

It's impossible to convey the size of this fort. About the only way to appreciate it's size is to see a photo from the air...alas, we could not get a photo like that.

Fort George: Part of the moat
Looking into the moat
Fort George: Cannon on the corner
One of the cannons on a corner