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Glennan Standing Stone

July 22, 1999
Off the B840, South of Ford, Argyll
Map Ref: NM 857 011

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Cairn 1: This is the larger of the two cairns and is 11.5 meters in diameter and 1.5 m in height. As can be seen from the photo the center has been disturbed. Glennan Cairns 1
Cairn 1: A 1.6 m by 1.2 m slab lies in the center and may be a cover slab for a cist. It has several cupmarks. Glennan Cairns 1
Cairn 2: The smaller cairn is 6.6 m in diamter and 0.8 m high. The center of this cairn has also been disturbed. Glennan Cairns 1