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Huntly Castle

August 10, 1997
Huntly, Aberdeenshire
Map Reference: NJ 532 407

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The castle, as it stands now, took several hundred years to build. The first structures were built around 1240 by Earl Duncan. It's name was The Peel of Strathbogie due to its location along major routes. In 1314, King Robert granted title to the lands to Sir Adam Gordon of Huntly, causing the name change. The castle then became the seat of the Gordon clan.

Huntly Castle
Huntly Castle : Back side

These photos show the remaining buildings started in the 1460's and remodeled twice. The latest remodel took place in the 1600's. This shows the palace area where the Gordon's lived in the 1600's.

The tower above held a prison at ground level. A great hall existed on the third floor where the extended windows can be seen.