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Huntly Castle

August 10, 1997
Huntly, Aberdeenshire
Map Reference: NJ 532 407

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[Grampian Region]
Huntly Castle : Brewery Huntly Castle : Bake house Huntly Castle : Entrance
Brewery room, the center shows the water troughs used in brewing ale. Inside the bake house and brewery. Door Entrance with coats of arms above it.
Huntly Castle : First floor Huntly Castle : Stewards room Huntly Castle : Staff housing
Inside the tower, first floor, steward's room. Just above the prison Stewards Room, great window views. Remains of the West range, staff housing
Huntly Castle : Fireplace mantle Huntly Castle : Coat of arms Huntly Castle : Medallion portraits
The mantle piece of a beautiful fireplace Coat of arms for Huntly and Lenox families Medallion portraits for George Gordon and Henrietta Stewart, along with their coat of arms above a fireplace.
Huntly Castle : Three floors of tower Huntly Castle : Palace interior Huntly Castle : The moat
Looking up a wall through three floors. Interior of the palace remains. Looking down the outside wall to see the moat below.
Huntly Castle : Prison entrance Huntly Castle : Tower
Prison entrance, with two dummies inside Huntly