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Kilchurn Castle

August 7, 1997
Near Lochawe, Argyll
Map Reference: NN 133 276

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Kilchurn is amazingly easy to take pictures of. Everywhere you look, it is either picturesque or interesting. WOW!!
Kilchurn Castle

This castle served as home to the Campbells of Glenorchy, who later became the Earls of Breadalbane. The earliest construction on the castle was the towerhouse and Laich Hall (looks onto Loch Awe). A large part of the fortress was built in the late 1690's to house three companies of soldiers (about 200 men).

This is a view from the landside access. It originally was flooded by Loch Awe, so access could not be gained except by boat.

Side of the Southeast range from the pier which ferries tourists out to see Kilchurn. Most people prefer the ferry, since it reduces the walk required to get there, but the walk is very beautiful. So, by land or loch. Kilchurn Castle : From the dock
View of the South west wall towards the south tower. The windows at the left is the back of the barracks hall. The west tower has completely fallen down. This castle was abandoned in 1760. Kilchurn Castle : Southwest wall
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