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Kildonan Tower

July 19, 1999
Kildonan, Isle of Arran
Map Ref: NS 037 210

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[Ayrshire Region]
Kildonan Castle : Close up

Kildonan sits on a hill overlooking the Sound of Pladda on the Isle of Arran. The property belonged to the MacDonald Lord of Isles. In 1406, John of Ardgowan was granted Kildonan with the castle. The tower was believed to have been built shortly before John of Ardgowan to custody. The Hamiltons took over in 1544 in retribution for the burning of Brodick by the Stewarts. Kildonan was probably burned and sacked in 1558 by the Earl of Sussex. It was not rebuilt after that.

The remaining walls are very dangerous. There is little or no support for the freestanding structure.

Kildonan Keep : from below