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Kildrummy Castle

August 11, 1997
Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire
Map Reference: NJ 454164

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[Grampians Region]
Kildrummy Castle : Chapel and wardens tower Kildrummy Castle : Courtyard Kildrummy Castle : Snows tower
View of the east exterior wall with the chapel windows and the wardens tower. Across the courtyard towards Snow's tower (in the center) The only walls left of Snow's tower. Living quarters for the castle's family in the 13th century. It was 7 stories with a private well at the ground floor.
Kildrummy Castle : Inside West wall Kildrummy Castle : Southeast tower Kildrummy Castle : Chapel
West wall from inside the courtyard Southeast tower, provided living quarters with a bake oven built in the basement Area for the chapel. The lancet windows provided light for the altar.
Kildrummy Castle : West wall Kildrummy Castle : North wall Kildrummy Castle : East wall
The west wall from the entrance gate North wall, containing the Erskine tower for living quarters East wall with the chapel
Kildrummy Castle : Wardens tower Kildrummy Castle : Entrance Kildrummy Castle : Trench
Wardens tower, the basement held the prison Entrance gate from the west wall Trench for the drawbridge between the two guard towers

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