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Killiecrankie Pass

August 13, 1997
Near Pitlochry, Perthshire
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Killiecrankie Pass : soldiers leap

Killiecrankie Pass was the site of a large battle between the Jacobites and the Orange Covenanters in 1689. In this particular battle, the Jacobites emerged victorious.

One of the only escape routes was the leap across this gorge. One soldier is recorded to have made the 18 foot leap with Highlanders chasing him with claymores swinging.

Soldiers Leap -
Donald MacBean recalled the event in his memoirs:

The sun going down caused the Highlandmen to advance on us like madmen, without shoe or stocking, covering themselves from our fire with their targes; at last they cast away their musquets, drew their broadswards, and advanced furiously upon us, and were in the middle of us before we could fire three shots apiece, broke us, and obliged us to retreat.

Some fled to the water, and some another way (we were for the most part new men). I fled to the baggage and took a horse in order to ride the water; there follows me a Highlandman with sword and targe, in order to take the horse and kill myself. You'd laught to see how he and I scampered about. I kept always the horse betwixt him and me: at length he drew his pistol, and I fled; he fired after me.

I went above the Pass, where I met with another water very deep; it was about 18 foot over betwixt two rocks. I resolved to jump it, so I laid down my gun and bat and jumped, and lost one of my shoes in the jump. Many of our men were lost in that water.

The river Garry flows through the pass linking the Lowlands and the Highlands.