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Kilmory Knap Chapel

July 18, 1999
Near Kilmory, Kintyre
Map Ref: NR 703 752

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[Argyll Region]
Macmillan's Cross Macmillan's Cross

Macmillans Cross: The front and back of the cross. On the back side is a celtic know and a hunting scene on the shaft. The front has a sword along the shaft and a representation of the crucifix.

Kilmory Chapel
Copyright ©2008 David Mardell


There is not much to say about these carvings except that they are beautifully sculpted. Many of them had depictions of viking boats at the top. The earliest ones were simple designs with crosses or figures displayed.

The last two photos in this collection were of capstones in the ground surrounding the chapel.

Kilmory Chapel
Copyright ©2008 David Mardell
Kilmory Chapel
Copyright ©2008 David Mardell