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Machrie Moor

July 19, 1999
Near Blackwaterfoot, Arran
Map Ref: NR 910 324

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[Ayrshire Region]

Machrie Moor has six stone circles with a few standing stones. There are also cairns and hut circles in this moor. The stone circles were erected about 4500 years ago. There is evidence that complex wooden structures were the predecessors to the circles. Partial excavation occurred in 1985. Most of the structures still lie below the peat of this moor.

The photo above shows location 1 and 6. These were originally timber constructed circles which later (about 500 years) were converted to stone structures. Both circles were used for cremations. The photo below shows location 2. Locations 2 and 4 also had burials considered crouched inhumations. Circle 5 was the only one that did not contain any remains.