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Maiden Stone

August 12, 1997
Near Pitcaple, Aberdeenshire
Map Ref: NJ 703 247

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[Grampian Region]

The Maiden stone stands 10 foot high with Pictish symbols on one side of the stone and a Celtic cross on the reverse side. The cross was very weathered, but the Pictish symbols were clear. Even the sides of the stone were carved. It has been dated to the 9th century

Maiden Stone : Pict symbols Maiden Stone : Knotwork
The legend of the stone:

There was a maiden accosted by a handsome young man. He boasted that he could build a road in the less time than it would take for her to bake a loaf of bread. The maiden thought this an idle boast and agreed to the wager with herself as the prize.

When the young man did indeed build the road before she could bake a loaf of bread, she realized he was the devil in disguise. She attempted to flee and the devil grabbed her by the shoulder. As she wrenched away, she prayed to be turned to stone rather than be the devil's bride.

Her wish was granted, hence the Maiden stone, the gash in the stone was where the devil had grabbed her.