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Caisteal Maol

July 13, 1999
Near Kyleakin, Skye
Map Ref: NG 758264

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[Highland Region]
Caistael Maol

Legend says that a Norse princess, Saucy Mary, actually built the tower and she was married to a MacKinnon. Saucy Mary is said to be buried beneath the cairn on top of Beinn Na Caillaich (the mountain of the old woman).

The MacKinnons supported themselves with the income from tolls on ships passing through the Kyle. In 1951, a pile of coins was found hidden in the remains of one of the walls.

Caisteal Maol: floor plan The tower was originally named Dunakin. There are only portions of the walls left. The northeast corner (top left) was knocked down during a storm in 1989. It is assumed there is a basement level but it is covered and no excavation has taken place.