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Nether Largie Cairns

August 6, 1997
Kilmartin, Argyll
Map Ref: NR 830 983

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[Argyll Region]
Nether Largie North
Netherlargie North: burial cist Another view of the burial cist

Nether Largie Mid
Netherlargie Mid: burial cist Netherlargie Mid: Cap stone Netherlargie Mid: burial chamber
Burial cist inside the chamber Cap stone with cup and ring marks. Used to cover the burial cist One corner of the burial chamber

Nether Largie South
Netherlargie South: south entrance Netherlargie South: burial cist Netherlargie South: view through cairn
South entrance to the burial chamber Burial cist added later, possibly during the Bronze Age View from one entrance of chamber to the other
Netherlargie South: along length of  burial chamber
Along the length of the burial chamber