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Nine Stones Circle

Near Banchor, Aberdeenshire
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Photo Copyright ©1998 by Sally J. Smith

This is a recumbant stone circle which was built in an oval shape. It measures 18 meters by 14.6 meters. A funnel shaped pit was found in the center. It contained the remains of cremated bones. The shape of this circle sets it apart from the other circles and it is assumed to have been built in the later years of circle construction.

Photo Copyright ©1998 by Sally J. Smith

Approaching the circle

Photo Copyright ©1998 by Sally J. Smith

The recumbant stone

------- How to get there --------
From Banchory, Aberdeenshire - take the B974 south through Strachan, stay on the B974. Outside of Strachan, cross the bridge over the river, take a left on the road (towards Westerton). Follow road for 2.5-3 miles, the circle is off the road on a small track in the woods. There is a small wooden sign marking the location.