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Peel Ring of Lumphanan

1998, 1999
Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire
Map Reference: NJ 576 037

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The Peel Ring of Lumphanan is all that remains of a 12th c. motte and bailey castle. Lumphanan was held by the Durwards in the 13th c. and was visited by Edward I in 1296. Lumphanan was occupied as late as 1782.

Right: View of the motte across the ditch or moat.

Photo Copyright ©1998 S. Smith

Photo Copyright ©1998 S. Smith

Lumphanan consisted of an earthen mound, the motte, enclosed by a wooden palisade. In the center of the palisade is the courtyard or bailey. Surrounding the motte was a ditch or moat.

Left: A view to the NW from the motte.

The History of Scotland by Hector Boyce (1527) relates that Macbeth was slain at Lumphanan after his defeat in battle at nearby Dunsinane.

Right: Another view of the motte and surrounding ditch.

Bottom right: Second view of the entrance.

Photo Copyright ©1998 S. Smith

Photo Copyright ©1999 S. Wiggins